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   How to stop Tomcat Java Server redirect to non-SSL

Tomcat Java Server by default always try to redirect SSL terminated traffic to non-SSL port, after WebMux SSL termination. To fix the HTTP redirection problem in WebMux + Tomcat environment, following procedures can help:

OS: Windows 2003
Java server Tomcat 5
Application: Structs 1.1 JSP application.

Problem description:

The virtual server is running through SSL. WebMux terminated the SSL traffic to HTTP traffic. When users access the web using HTTPS, the Tomcat server will redirect the client browser to HTTP port.

Solution 1:
For JSP Structs applications, there is tag on each JSP page, which will return HTML code to the browser like

...... ......
To avoid the redirect to HTTP, please removed the tag on JSP pages.

Solution 2: put hard code, like https:// on all pages having links to other pages.

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