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ThingSpeak web site provides a platform for everyone to send data to and use that data to draw chart of manipulate the reported data. Both WC8 and WC32 can send its data to through WEBSET command in PLC programming. To send data to, user can follow these steps to get it work:

1) sign up a free account on web site.
2) In your account, define at least one API write key in API screen.
3) Using that API write key, create at least one channel in your account.
4) Login into WebControl GUI, in Notification screen, define at least one URL:
   URL1:    /update?api_key=YOUR_API_WRITE_KEY&field1=
   leave password section empty, since using your API write key to authenticate.
5) in your PLC code, at least add this one line:
   WEBSET    URL1   T1
   to send temperature sensor 1 to that site.

Once you login into, you can watch WebControl is reporting to your defined channel regulatly.

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