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   How to upload download configuration through ssh command line

Sometimes there is a need for downloading or uploading the WebMux configuration through the ssh login into WebMux's diagnose port. The following description explains how to do that.

$ ssh -p 77 superuser@ getconfig >/tmp/conf1

and after editing it, you can use this to upload it to the WebMux:

$ssh -p 77 superuser@ putconfig </tmp/conf2

Where 77 is the diagnose port, the is our test WebMux's IP address and /tmp/conf1 is the configuration file being downloaded and the /tmp/conf2 is the file being uploaded. Please make sure during editing not modify the first part of the first comment line. For example:

# webmux farm/server configuration for saved Thu Feb 21 19:15:45 2008

Where "# webmux farm/server configuration" should not be modified. Anything else can be modified, including the remaining of the first line.

Superuser's passwords for ssh and browser interface are identical. It can be changed through browser interface.

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