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   How to update WebControl 8 firmware

The older WebControl firmware must send to factory office for getting firmware update. Since 3.02.17d firmware, we implemented a bootloader feature allowing user to update firmware in its own locaiton without shipping the board in. There are two ways to identify if your board has bootloader support or not. First, if you simply power off your board and power back on, if the amber LED on the network socket blinking 3 to 5 times before change to steady on, your board has bootloader. Another way is to check the build-date on your firmware. If that has build data July 26, 2013 or later, you have a bootloader enabled firmware.

This document describe how to update firmware with bootloader enabled firmware. If your board has older firmware, please contact us directly to send your board in for updating your firmware. Any HW rev 2.2.2 board will be updated to latest firmware with bootloader support during update.

Firmware update should be done on a wired network, DO NOT ever perform update over WIFI network, best directly connected to the computer over cross over cable, since WIFI can suddenly reset the connection when any WIFI connected device sending request to the WIFI router, that will terminate the firmware update in the middle. Any unreliable network, package loss, or power loss during updating could result board not operational.

STEP1. Once you confirmed your board has a firmware support bootloader, please download the tftp.exe software from our web site. Please also download the firmware image file and GUI image file from our specified link. While board is powered on in your own network, using a browser to login into web GUI. Then enter this URL for starting update process:


Your WebControl 8 board will turn off its green heartbeat LED, and its amber LED on the network socket will start blinking. Immediately proceed with next step.

STEP 2. From your PC, double click on the tftp.exe to start it. Enter the IP address of your WebControl board on your local computer, leave password field blank, then browse and select the firmware image file. Then click on the "Upgrade" button. You will notice the activity LED on the network socket started blinking at this time.

Wait till "upgrade successful" message showing up. WebControl board will restart by itself at this point. Wait till it fully comes up.

STEP 3. Then please use IE browser to enter this URL:


Browse to your web GUI image file, then click "upload". Wait till the upload successful message displayed. Your firmwre update is done now.

You can download the tftp.exe file from here:tftp.exe.

If your firmware update failed due to any reason, please use a cross over cable directly connected to the computer network port to perform update again. Computer must set the IP address to 192.168.1.x, target WC8 board is at Disconnect the power to the board, after power on the board, click on the "Upgrade" button on the tftp.exe software WITHIN 2 seconds.

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