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  How to configure WebMux work in a single network

There are different ways to handle the needs for single network requirements. With firmware version earlier than 8.5.01, WebMux supports Out-Of-Path mode, also called DSR (direct server return) mode. In that mode, administrator does not have to change the IP addresses for the servers. However, servers need to install a loopback adapter. From firmware version 8.5.01, there is a new single network configuration. In this configuration, administrator does not need to change server IP address, nor to install loopback adapter on the servers.

Configuration for single network involves both WebMux and servers. Set WebMux in Transparent Mode, then single network mode with only one wire connected to the WebMux. Configure a farm with servers in it. WebMux's default gateway points to the network default gateway. On the servers, the only change is to change their default gateway to the farm address on the WebMux.

Since servers can talk to other computers on the local network, any computer on the same network WebMux and servers are in will not be able to access the farm address and to be load balanced. This is the limitation for this single network mode and difference from Out-Of-Path mode.

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