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CAI Networks announces IPV6 support for its WebMux load balancer/traffic manager appliance

Supports both IPV4 and IPV6 network load balancing

Santa Ana, CA, Feb. 5, 2007 CAI Networks™ announces the support of IPV6 by its WebMux™ load balancer/traffic management appliance. IPV6 is the successor Internet protocol to IPV4 which, most significantly, increases in the number of IP addresses available for networked devices.

WebMux is one of the first network devices to support IPV6, which is gaining increasing popularity and acceptance as many businesses and government agencies are mandating IPV6 support for all networking components primarily due to concerns about limited address space under IPV4. In 2006, White House informed CAI Networks for the needs of IPV6 supports in the WebMux family of products. CAI Networks responded immediately to that request.

IPV6 support is available in WebMux version 8.2.01, which is currently shipping and which is installable by existing WebMux customers as a firmware upgrade. WebMux 8.2.01 supports concurrent inbound and outbound IPV4 and IPV6 traffic.

About CAI Networks, Inc.

Founded in 1987, CAI Networks specializes in Internet appliances and Internet server reliability solutions and is a leading provider of IP load balancers. CAI has its engineering and sales offices in Southern California. CAI Networks' products are installed worldwide by businesses, government agencies, and ISPs to maintain the reliability and availability and enhace the performance of web sites, portals, and web-based applications.


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